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Do You Believe in Magic?

Do you believe in magic? So, do you believe in magic? I don't mean the magic in a young girl's heart, I mean real magic. Like stuff mysteriously appearing out of thin air? If you answered, no, then let me take this opportunity to change your mind. The Magic Sand This particular feat of magic took place in the late 20th century in my own backyard. It was the beginning of summer and the kids wanted a sandbox to play in. I was able to find a nice, turtle-shaped sandbox but none of the stores had sand. I spent days trying to find a store with sand, traveling 100's of miles, but there wasn't a grain to be had. I was about to give up when I saw store with a sign in the window reading, "Magic Sand Sold Here." I didn't believe in "magic sand" but I was desperate so I went in. When I opened the door I immediately saw an old woman sitting behind the counter - she looked to be 100 years old and she turned her head in my direction as I walked in. I told he…

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